ambulate dum lucem habis

Gnostic Mole, a.k.a.Crisisandosiris, fabricator and transmitter of avant-garde music for enlightened aliens in galaxies beyond YOUR wildest imaginings. Stranded on this planet, saddened by its wilful destruction by the falsely ‘dominant’ species.

Influences: Stockhausen, Gyorgy Ligeti,  Philip K. Dick, Gong, Anestis Logothetis, Derek Bailey, Lemon Kittens,  Ivo Malec, William Blake, Ken Russell, the goddess of the pig deity….


“When I think of myself, my thought seeks itself in the ether of a new dimension. I am on the moon as others are sitting on their balcony. I am part of the gravitation of the planets in the fissures of my mind.”

Antonin Artaud